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Welcome South Africa's Fabled Diamond Fields

The Frances Baard District is a place of wide-open spaces, where golden savannahs stretch as fas as the eye can see. It is a place of arid natural beauty where resilient green cactuses and tenacious thorn trees fill the landscape, and bright yellow sunflowers can be seen following the sun's arc across deep blue skies.

Five gushing rivers divide this landscape; The Vaal, Orange, Modder, Harts and Riet, which give life to the region and its inhabitants.

The history of this region is very much defined by the diamond rush of the 19th century. A shepherd called Swartbooi found a diamond in 1869 that caught the world's attention. The 83-carat diamond was bought by a collector called Schalk van Niekerk and came to be called The Star of South Africa.

In no time diamond diggers from around the world converged on this region in search of fortune. First, the riverbanks for Klipdrift (Barkly-West) were scoured and then a new rush began in Kimberley, where the biggest hand-dug excavation in the world was created through sheer determination. Soon Kimberley was the diamond capital of the world and a bustling metropolis spawned.

Apart from its mining roots, the Diamond Fields has a great variety of other experiences to offer. There are cultural attractions such as the ancient San etchings at Wildebeest Kuil and the Anglo-Boer War Battlefield Route to explore. There are several game farms in the region where you can see the endangered rhino and other game and birders can spot a wonderful variety of endemic species. The five major rivers are perfect for water activities like fishing, paddling and boating, and explorers can go in search of the rumbling Gong-Gong Waterfall out near Barkly-West. Unique experiences include the world-class Khumba Skate Park in Kimberley, agri-tourism in the lush Vaalharts Valley and a visit to the beautiful old Nazareth House Mission Station near Warrenton.  


Kimberley is the located at the heart of the Sol Plaatje Municipality. This diverse city is the capital of the Northern Cape Province and the epicentre of the Frances Baard District municipality.

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